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Industrial cleaning systems

Customised cleanliness for your components

Which cleaning process is right for my production?

BvL always starts with an in-depth consultation to determine the optimum cleaning process. The theoretical findings are usually supplemented with extensive cleaning trials at our in-house Technical Centre. Precise washing trials with the original component allow our experts to effectively determine the ecologically and economically ideal combination of system technology, cleaning media and program sequences.

Which cleaning system is right for my components?

Our range of products covers the entire bandwidth of industrial water-based parts cleaning. Metal and non-metal components are reliably deburred or particles or film contamination is reliably removed from them.

In our compact turntable systems, for example, your standard components are reliably and thoroughly cleaned in one chamber. Basket washing systems with integrated vacuum drying and connected cooling tunnel and automated portal solution ensure reliable treatment of components with complex geometries. Large-parts systems are the right choice for reliable cleaning of heavy components, e.g. for the railway industry.

How does the cleaning system fit into my production flow?

BvL cleaning systems ideally adapt to the upstream and downstream processes. Parts handling and workpiece transport take into account the production situation and allow continuous processing with the desired cycle. Our systems have a sustainable design concept and feature a high level of energy efficiency. Intelligent automation technology from our Smart Cleaning portfolio relieves users of many steps and stands for innovative, future-proof cleaning technology.

  • Highly reliable and a long service life
  • Can be configured for individual cleanliness requirements
  • Quality “Made in Germany” with components from renowned manufacturers
  • Low use of resources and energy efficient
  • Intuitive operation
  • Easy access for easy maintenance
  • Many automation options and Smart Cleaning options
  • In-depth industry knowledge
  • Specialist firm in accordance with the German Water Management Act (WHG) (VDA 6.4, ISO 9001, ISO 14001)

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