PacificTA is a large volume spray cleaning system. The processing steps are carried out in a chamber. Cleaning is provided by an oscillating special nozzle system.

  • for components with very large outside dimensions
  • for components with very high weights
  • for components with very high contamination loads
  • many loading options and conyeing variants
Basic system
Cleaning system: spray cleaning with flat spray nozzles
Operating principle: oscillating nozzle system with stationary component
Number of tanks: single-tank or multi-tank systems
Loading: from the front
Housing: stainless steel
Tank insulation: stainless steel
Control and operation: Siemens Simatic with Siemens touch panel
Bath monitoring: Libelle Fluid Control

Smart Cleaning

Intelligent cleaning with BvL apps and digital networking!
Transparent process information for predictive system diagnostics and maintenance: efficient and automatic.

BvL-Großteileanlage Pacific

Cleaning technology

  • the surrounding nozzle frame oscillates along the component; the nozzle arrangement also allows cleaning from the front
  • a separate nozzle frame for each tank reduces mixing
  • nozzles and nozzle frames adapted to the component
  • front and rear nozzle frames can be added (optional)
  • adaptation of useful dimensions, loads and pump capacities

Processing steps

The processing steps are carried out in a chamber:

  • spray washing
  • spray rinsing (for multi-tank system)
  • circulating air drying (optional)

Options and supplements

  • drying systems
  • handling systems: stationary front table, charging carriage, cross movement table, automatic loading systems
  • increased pump capacity spray pressure increase, integration of a manual lance
  • bath maintenance measures (e.g. ltration systems, oil separator)


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