Maximum cleanliness of a gearbox housing made of magnesium alloy in line production (one piece flow): Yukon

The vacuum drying and cooling integrated in the cleaning process allows optimum leak testing in the next production step.

Getriebegehäuse aus Magnesiumlegierung fährt in Yukon-Reinigungsanlage ein

Efficient cleaning of converter components: Yukon

The washing unit smoothly integrates into a line production (one piece flow) with single-type component feeding on multiple lanes, which can be operated separately with different speeds.

Unterschiedliche Wandlerkomponenten fahren auf getrennten Förderbändern in BvL-Reinigungsanlage ein.

Thorough cleaning of different types of layshafts with complex geometries: Yukon

An adjustment option on the parts carriers allows component types with different lengths to be processed without retooling.

Einschub von Vorgelegewellen zur effizienten Reinigung mit BvL-Reinigungsanlage Yukon

Residue-free cleaning of high-quality gearbox components from customer-specific baskets: Yukon

The exact interface coordination decides on the optimum integration of the cleaning system into the production process. A specially positioned roller conveyor ensures the material flow to downstream and upstream processes.

Individuelle Körbe auf Rollenbahn zur Einfuhr in Reinigungsanlage Yukon von BvL

Sophisticated cleaning of hybrid housings within a washing process: Niagara

A special workpiece holder allows parts to be cleaned separately from each other. This prevents unwanted contact between components. The integrated vacuum drying in the cleaning chamber allows ideal further processing.

BvL-Reinigungsanlage Niagara mit Hybridgehäusen auf Vorbautisch

Automated cleaning of planetary carriers in a line production with robot handling: Niagara

The efficient loading concept uses two workpiece holders, allowing the second workpiece holder to be loaded by the robot again during the washing process.

Planetenträgern zur automatisierten Reinigung vor Niagara-Korbwaschanlage von BvL

All-around cleaning of gearbox housings: Niagara

The optimum integration of the cleaning system into the production process is achieved through the continuous communication between the external gantry crane for loading and a robot for unloading. An effective washing program with targeted positioning of the spray nozzles ensures an extremely short cycle time.

Hohe Taktzeiten werden durch automatisierten Vorbautisch zur Reinigung von Getriebegehäusen bei BvL erreicht.

No original components are shown. All images have been retouched.

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