Smart Cleaning

Smart cleaning with BvL apps

We call it smart cleaning - the clever way to monitor and control the cleaning process. Our new BvL apps mean that your cleaning system is now one step ahead of you. It reacts automatically when system statuses change and helps to optimally control the process, shorten cycle times and reduce energy consumption.

The new smart client concept from BvL gives you the ability to control and operate your cleaning system remotely from a tablet or smartphone. System operators get simple and flexible access from anywhere - whenever they want.

Our software gives your system the ability to control specific functions automatically, so that optimum settings are used for each cleaning process, ensuring system operation is continuously optimized for your specific tasks. This means that predictive diagnostics and maintenance are now possible. This foundation made up of system monitoring, control and optimization is the basis for connecting your cleaning system to other systems and paves the way for "Industry 4.0".

- simple to operate
- quality control
- time- and cost-efficient
- energy savings
- high system availability
- preventive maitenance