Clean and burr-free for the automotive industry 

Flood/spray cleaning and robot-based high pressure deburring for cleaning in the automotive industry

The absolute necessity for clean components in the automotive industry requires reliable cleaning technologies. With longstanding experience in this field, the manufacturer BvL Oberflächentechnik produces suitable cleaning systems which are always tailored to the special customer requirements.

Thorough cleaning with fast cycles

The NiagaraDFS basket washing system is the answer to especially high cleanliness requirements. The flood/spray system with revolving wheel technology ensures thorough all-round cleaning through rotation of the parts baskets or parts carriers around the horizontal axis. The inline material flow concept shortens ancillary times to a minimum, significantly reducing cycle times and increasing capacity.

Deburring system in application

BvL also offers expertise in the field of deburring: For the cleaning of gearbox parts for a large German automotive manufacturer, the Slovenian company LTH Castings invested in the Geyser high pressure deburring system with an integrated industrial robot. The Geyser reliably removes swarf and burrs with a high pressure water jet through multiple rotating nozzles or single lances which are directed specifically at the critical areas of the component. Short cycle times make the system particularly efficient and suitable for series production.

Parallel cleaning of workpiece holders

While the component is deburred, the empty workpiece holders in this special application move through a washing unit integrated into the high pressure system. This positions the deburred component on the cleaned workpiece holder, preventing renewed soiling through residue.

Cleaning systems integrated into production

Because of its compact design in container form, the high pressure deburring system can be ideally integrated into the production process. BvL offers all required systems from a single source: from pre-cleaning, deburring and fine cleaning to drying and cooling. The machines and components made of high quality stainless steel are perfectly matched and can be individually adapted: the high pressure deburring system from LTH Castings was also combined with a pre-cleaning unit and a final fine cleaning stage.
NiagaraDFS basket washing system with cycled continuous process for optimising cycle times
Geyser high pressure deburring system combined with pre-cleaning and fine cleaning