Compact and efficient: BvL system for cleaning specific castings

Reliable cleanliness and dryness in a chamber

Production and machining of all types of castings create comprehensive cleaning demands for the workpieces. The cleaning systems from BvL Oberflächentechnik offer various options for achieving the desired cleaning results. With decades of experience, the renowned manufacturer from Emsbüren produces individual cleaning systems in-house, designed and manufactured to individual customer specifications.

Systems for a variety of demands

The portfolio of the company from northern Germany includes turntable systems for different workpiece dimensions (under the name “Ocean”), rotary indexing systems for space-saving implementation of a variety of processes (Twister) as well as large parts systems (Pacific) and deburring processes with high pressure (Geyser). Foundries most often use the Yukon system type because these continuous systems are especially suitable for series production of components.

Specific application example for spray flood cleaning

For cleaning automotive parts in the production of a German foundry, a basket washing system NiagaraMO with an automated roller conveyor was linked to a manual customer interface. Corresponding workpiece carriers were manufactured, each for two sets of three identical components. The filled workpiece carriers are supplied to the roller conveyor with a feed carriage and loaded. After automated feeding into the cleaning chamber, a special nozzle system carries out all-around spray cleaning. The subsequent flooding of the entire chamber removes swarf from the inside of the components. Another spray cleaning step removes any remaining swarf and suspended particles from the component surface. The last particles are removed from the components using a separate tank and the required residual contamination value is achieved with a correspondingly configured fine filtration.

Absolute dryness included

An impulse blowing device uses compressed air to reduce the liquid present on the components, preparing them for efficient drying. The integrated vacuum drying then ensures the required absolute dryness of the workpieces. The roller conveyor finally transports the workpiece carriers away. For manual transport of the parts to the subsequent tightness test with the feed carriage, the system was programmed to provide a buffer space for three workpiece carriers in each case. This allows the BvL system to perfectly integrate into the overall customer process.

Participation at Euroguss trade fair

At the Euroguss in Nuremberg from 16 to 18 January 2018, BvL will be presenting the comprehensive options of BvL cleaning systems especially for foundries at stand 7-665 in hall 7.
The Yukon continuous systems from BvL are the most popular models for use in foundries, always individually designed and manufactured.
In the cleaning chamber, the components are cleared from swarf and emulsions and dried completely on specially manufactured workpiece carriers.