Component cleaning for hardening shops

HÄNDLE counts on BvL cleaning systems in the hardening process

In the heat treatment process at hardening shops, it is imperative that the components being handled are properly clean. An even layer build-up in subsequent processing can only occur if the components are exceptionally clean. This is also a large emphasis on this at HÄNDLE Härterei GmbH in Tübingen, a company part of the Europe-wide HALEX GROUP. To clean customer components in the nitriding process, the experienced hardening operation has so far set up elaborate wash baths in a cascade process to achieve the required cleanliness.  In order to simplify this process, a new cleaning system is currently being installed.

With BvL’s “NiagaraVE” spray-flood system, whole component batches in the future will be completely free of oil impurities and cooling lubricants prior to treatment and from protective hardening pastes or quenching oil after treatment. Initially cleaning is done in the spraying process by a closely-packed special nozzle frames with a number of strands as well as by flooding in the same chamber. Equally, the system is prepared for optimal ultrasonic cleaning. The combined air circulation/vacuum drying works in a fast and energy-saving manner, even with geometrically complex components.

For HÄNDLE’s director Wolfram Wiech, this is a clear winner: “Alongside the simple and basic cleaning and drying of components, we are avoiding wait times between washing and nitriding with the new BvL system. As we have several ovens in this line being operated at the same time, we save a large part of the handling and can work much more efficiently and resource-saving.” Regarding the question of why a BvL system was chosen, Wiech doesn’t need much time to think. “The complete package is easy to work with. BvL’s all round support, ranging from the first talks via extensive sample washing up to delivery went smoothly and the technology of the system is tailored to our special needs. "

The connection between Tübingen and Emsbüren in Emsland, Lower Saxony, where the BvL cleaning systems are manufactured in-house, will remain so intense in the near future as the next order for a cleaning plant in the multi-purpose chamber oven line is already in place: A further system from the NiagraVE range will be installed here in January 2018. 

BvL Oberflächentechnik GmbH
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From now on, he HÄNDLE hardening shop will be using a NiangraVE spray-flood cleaning system from BvL in the heat treatment process