Customized cleaning solutions for any requirement  

Variety made in Germany

Cleanliness plays a particularly important role in the manufacturing of machine tools and complex solutions for manufacturing and automation engineering. Only thoroughly cleaned components and workpieces can meet the high requirements for usability in the further production process.

BvL Oberflächentechnik GmbH offers a comprehensive product range of cleaning systems for a variety of different requirements. The systems are designed according to the order and the customer requirements, manufactured in-house in Emsbüren in northern Germany and then installed at the customer site. All systems have a water based cleaning concept. This removes even smallest particles and film contaminations in an efficient and environmentally friendly cleaning process. At the same time, this protects the surface of the components particularly well in contrast to other cleaning processes. We are presenting a small selection of the BvL cleaning solutions from the variety of possible systems.

OceanRC – small and strong

With a cover that easily opens to the top, the turntable system Ocean RC is a universal spray cleaning system for compact and medium sized workpieces. The sturdy and space saving design goes hand in hand with strong cleaning action for new and repair parts. An upright U-shaped spray nozzle frame cleans the components on a rotating parts carrier. The two-tank version of the Ocean RC features spray rinsing – another cleaning step which also rinses away cleaning agent residue. 

YukonDA – speedy and individual

The pass-through system YukonDA is ideal for production processes with continuous material flow. The parts pass through the successive treatment zones in an in-line process (in cycles if required). The parts pass in front of the continuous nozzle frame with an offset nozzle arrangement. This nozzle system as well as the permitted loads and effective dimensions are individually adapted to the respective components. The sequence of different wet processing zones for washing, degreasing, phosphating, rinsing and passivating as well as for drying are implemented as required.

NiagaraMO – versatile and compact

Another cleaning principle is implemented in the basket washing system NiagaraMO. The compact two-tank flooding/rinsing system allows all-around, thorough cleaning through the rotation of the parts baskets or parts carriers around the horizontal axis. Front loading via a roller guided holding fixture allows a direct connection to the existing production process. A supplementary stationary table with cross moving in the feed and discharge sections allows even faster processing times, even for components with complicated shapes. This system can optionally achieve particularly high cleaning results with ultrasonic cleaning.

BvL Oberflächentechnik GmbH is one of the largest suppliers of water based industrial cleaning systems in Germany. As a system partner, BvL offers comprehensive customer solutions through its integrated services: from simple washing units and filtration and automated solutions to complex large projects with process monitoring – always complemented by reliable service. The domestic market in Germany is the most important target market for the approximately 140 employees at BvL Oberflächentechnik. In export, the company has internationally expanded its position and can fall back on an extensive sales and service network in 17 countries. 

Basket washing system NiagaraMO with stationary table with cross moving for space saving cleaning of components with high cleanliness requirements
Pass-through system YukonDA for integration into the individual production process