Spray flood system for water-based cleaning in the hardening process 

Modern, reliable heat treatment processes require component cleanliness without residue or staining. BvL Oberflächentechnik GmbH has developed the spray flood system “NiagaraVE” especially for applications in the hardening process. It features a very strong cleaning capacity.

Compared to other processes, water-based cleaning offers crucial advantages:
particle and film contaminations (emulsions) are removed thoroughly. The investment is relatively low and the system also offers better environmental compatibility which is increasingly demanded by end customers.

The system is designed for components with heavy weights and high batch densities in baskets or on hardening grates. Cleaning is provided by closely spaced special nozzle frames with many rows. The processing steps are carried out in a chamber. The system is often designed as a 3-tank structure: The first tank is used for spray cleaning, to first remove any coarse contaminations. Then the chamber is flooded to achieve deep cleaning even on complicated geometries and cavities. After draining the fluid, another spray cleaning is carried out to remove the remaining fine deposits from the surface. The second tank is used for rinsing the components to reduce the residual contamination of the components. A third tank is used for thorough final cleaning for very high surface requirements.

The cleaning performance can be further increased with a swivel system, ultrasound cleaning, vacuum or circulating air drying. BvL customises the stainless steel system individually for the customer and the specific application. 

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BvL Oberflächentechnik GmbH is one of Germany's largest suppliers of industrial water-based cleaning systems. As a system partner, BvL offers comprehensive customer solutions through integrated services – from simple washing units and filtration and automated solutions to complex large projects with process monitoring, always complemented by reliable service. The domestic market in Germany is the most important target market for the approximately 140 employees at BvL Oberflächentechnik. Where the export business is concerned, the company has expanded its position on an international scale and can rely on an extensive sales and service network in 17 countries. 

NiagaraVE: flood spray cleaning system for hardening shops
BvL in hall 4.1, booth F-019