Libelle Fluid Control

Monitoring bath contamination

Every cleaning process requires a sufficiently pure cleaning medium. When the bath is exhausted, sufficient cleaning results can no longer be achieved. The operator of the cleaning system therefore has to know the condition of the bath to ensure constant component cleanliness. Information about the condition of the bath is output by the machine display or optionally by the Libelle Data Control.

Fields of application

  • any cleaning process
  • impurity mixture of particles and other contaminations

Advantages: quality and cost optimisation

  • fast and precise evaluation of bath quality
  • allows direct intervention when the cleaning medium changes (e.g. filter failure)
  • reduction of rejects caused by insufficient cleaning
  • reduction of expensive residual contamination analyses
  • optimisation of bath life and bath change
  • process reliability

Measuring principle

Measurement of the absorption properties of the cleaning fluid: If absorption increases in the visible light wave range, the fluid is contaminated with more impurities.


The measurement of the Libelle Fluid Control clearly shows how bath contamination develops over time. The filter failure on 10 September could have gone undiscovered without the Libelle, resulting in a large number of rejects. A simple filter change redressed the problem easily. The diagram also clearly illustrates the marked improvement of the bath condition after the bath change.


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