Libelle Oil Control Solo

Measuring film contamination on the component surface

After the cleaning process, the quality of the component surface should meet the requirements for oil and grease removal. Otherwise, the result might be the production of an entire batch of rejects. A visual check is often not sufficient for high requirements. The Libelle Oil Control Solo allows direct quality control. The film contamination on the component is output on the hand-held device or on a computer via a Bluetooth interface.

Fields of application

  • checking whether components are free from oil
  • e.g. cleaning before coating, painting, glueing, welding

Advantages: quality and cost optimisation

  • mobile verification of component cleanliness with regard to film contamination
  • quick decision whether the component is suitable for the subsequent process
  • allows direct intervention when component cleanliness changes (e.g. monitoring of processing measures)
  • optimisation of bath life and bath change

Measuring principle

Measurement of the fluorescence properties of the component surface: An increase of fluorescence within a certain wavelength is a sign of oil contamination. The intensity of the fluorescence then provides a measure for the level of oil contamination on the component. Other substances exhibit a different fluorescence wavelength and therefore have no influence on the measurement.


The measurement with the Libelle Oil Control Solo shows how the random samples change over time. Initially, the cleanliness results are within the range for OK parts. Later outliers can be seen in the NOK range. Over the course of time, the system operator will have to decide whether to change the bath or use stronger treatment measures in order to minimise the number of NOK outliers again.


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